Loyal Customer Club Membership (LCC)

To honor all our loyal customers support we have created a yearly $12 membership.

For your $12 a year you are automatically entered into every monthly Eviction Prevention Raffle (EVP). You will also receive weekly updates of our new merchandise. You have the opportunity to put a free hold for one week on any one item. Finally, you will be invited to our yearly customer appreciation celebration. Happy Thrifting!

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Eviction Prevention Raffle

The winner of the February 2, 2021 EVP Raffle will be announced at our Grand Reopening at our new location. Thank you for your support and understanding. Happy Thrifting!

Birthday Discount Honored!

If your Birthday was and/or is from January 21, 2021 until the Grand Opening of our new location please come in our new location and get your 50% off. Also, you can shop online and get your Birthday D

New location coming soon.

We are almost there for our new wonderful location. Thank you kind donors, loyal customers, and Guardian Angels. We are still here and looking forward to our new location, because of you.


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